Welcome to the Wisconsin RTAP website!

The Wisconsin Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP) is pleased to present this website specifically for Wisconsin’s rural transportation
providers.  Take a minute and check out all of the features available, including the most recent edition of the RTAP Newsletter and the list of
available training classes.

Training is available through the RTAP Program on a variety of different topic areas. The RTAP staff are eager to talk to you about your training
needs. Remember, also, to check out your agency's eligibility for a Training Scholarship.  More information on the Training and Scholarship
Programs is available by clicking on the “Training” link on the left.  Scholarship guidelines and application forms can be accessed from this
link as well.  

For more information about the Wisconsin RTAP Program in general, its training and scholarship programs, or to inquire about technical
assistance, please contact the RTAP staff at (855)299-1460.  
Wisconsin RTAP
Toll Free: (855)299-1460
Fax: (937)299-1055

We are experiencing difficulty with the D&A website
issuing certificates at the end of the test.  Anyone
who has had this issue should contact Megan
Lawson with the Wisconsin RTAP program by
here so certificates can be issued.